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Megan Falley – “In Fear Of My Mother Being Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Disease”

*Connecting people to live poetry* DOWNLOAD SlamFind for iPhone: & Android: LISTEN to Megan Falley on IndieFeed: "Planned Parenthood" – "A Kindergartener's View Of Cancer" – "25,498" – "Honest House" – "Boy Scout" – For even more Megan […]

Younger-onset Alzheimer’s: The diagnosis (part 1 of 2)

I thought I could get away with avoiding my childhood … turns out, I can't. In this video, I discuss my mother's younger-onset (early-onset) Alzheimer's diagnosis and the moment I knew my life was changed forever. This is a two parter.

Tadhana: OFW maid has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

Aired (November 11, 2017): Habang abala sa pagtatrabaho si Gina sa Singapore, unti-unti siyang nakakalimot sa mga bagay at ikinagulat niya nang malamang mayroon siyang Alzheimer’s disease. Watch ​‘Tadhana’ every Saturday on GMA​.​ ​Hosted by GMA’s Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera-Dantes. ————– Subscribe to the GMA […]

Alzheimer’s Disease & Hollywood: A Celebrity Reveals His Diagnosis

Hollywood is shedding light on Alzheimer's disease which has no cure, but is the sixth-leading cause of death. Find out the celebrity who recently revealed his Alzheimer's disease diagnosis and how he is doing now. Read More in our Alzheimer's Health Center: Julianne Moore: […]

Alzheimer’s disease – Video of My Diagnosis May 18, 2011

In July, 2005, I was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. I was only 47 years old! These were my thoughts immediately after the diagnosis. This is a video that I made after I found a journal that I had kept & even forgotten about. […]