This is my mom. Please turn the volume up to hear her talk. This video was taken on Thursday, Feburary 9, 2012. She has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. She is only 56 years old. One year ago she would almost seem normal but now she is confused, can barely talk or hear. She started showing signs around 45-46 years old. I was 24 when she left her job for no apparent reason thinking people were after her. She started living with me on my couch. It has been a roller coaster of me and the rest of the family thinking she was nuts and depressed. Just thought it was a mental breakdown because of stress or empty nest syndrome and even menopause. Doctors would prescribe medicine but finally when I noticed her speach start to be off a little I started reading up on it(this took 6 years). Finally came to the conclusion that she needed an mri or pet ct scan. Thanks google because doctors never recommended that. They firstr diagnosed her with a brain tumor that was inoperable and then with a pet ct scan they diagnosed her with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. I've really found out that doctors dont really know much in this area and never quite seemed sure of anything. I was told her case is rare.

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